2008 Problem Set

November 20th, 2009 | Categories: 2008 Regionals

Here it is – the 2008 problem set. You can download the text from here. You can also download a zip file with all of the input files, output files, solving programs, and the problem set.

Problem Files
A: Series/Parallel Resistor Circuits

Our Rating: C/D
Submissions: 44
Solutions: 3
Judge Input: circuits.judge
Judge Output: circuits.solution
Main Solution: circuits_judge.java
Another Solution: circuits.java
And Another: circuits.cpp
B: The Heart of the Country

Our Rating: C/D
Submissions: 79
Solutions: 16
Judge Input: heart.judge
Judge Output: heart.solution
Main Solution: heart_judge.java
Another Solution: heart.java
And Another: heart.cpp
C: Lawrence of Arabia

Our Rating: E/F
Submissions: 54
Solutions: 3
Judge Input: lawrence.judge
Judge Output: lawrence.solution
Main Solution: lawrence_judge.java
Another Solution: lawrence.java
And Another: lawrence.cpp
D: Shoring Up the Levees

Our Rating: C/D
Submissions: 93
Solutions: 18
Judge Input: levees.judge
Judge Output: levees.solution
Main Solution: levees_judge.java
Another Solution: levees.cpp
And Another: levees2.cpp
E: Combination Lock

Our Rating: A/B
Submissions: 134
Solutions: 57
Judge Input: lock.judge
Judge Output: lock.solution
Main Solution: lock_judge.java
Another Solution: lock.java
And Another: lock.cpp
F: Fred’s Lotto Tickets

Our Rating: A/B
Submissions: 102
Solutions: 65
Judge Input: lotto.judge
Judge Output: lotto.solution
Main Solution: lotto_judge.java
Another Solution: lotto.java
And Another: lotto.cpp
G: A No-Win Situation

Our Rating: A/B
Submissions: 161
Solutions: 20
Judge Input: nowin.judge
Judge Output: nowin.solution
Main Solution: nowin_judge.java
Another Solution: nowin.java
And Another: nowin.cpp
H: A Walk in the Park

Our Rating: C/D
Submissions: 44
Solutions: 0
Judge Input: park.judge
Judge Output: park.solution
Main Solution: park_judge.java
Another Solution: park.java
And Another: park.cpp
I: Teleport Out!

Our Rating: E/F
Submissions: 4
Solutions: 0
Judge Input: teleport.judge
Judge Output: teleport.solution
Main Solution: teleport_judge.java
Another Solution: teleport.java
And Another: teleport.cpp
J: Worms

Our Rating: E/F
Submissions: 5
Solutions: 0
Judge Input: worms.judge
Judge Output: worms.solution
Main Solution: worms_judge.java
Another Solution: worms.cpp
And Another: worms2.cpp
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