2018 Southeast USA Regionals Division 2

November 3rd, 2018 | Categories: Problems and Problem Sets

Here are the statements of the SER 2018 Problems D2.

And, here is the data and judges’ reference solutions:

Problem Judge Data Solutions

Submissions: 135
Solutions: 65
exam_data exam_solutions
Goat Rope

Submissions: 155
Solutions: 50
goatrope_data goatrope_solutions
Repeating Goldbachs

Submissions: 101
Solutions: 14
goldbach_data goldbach_solutions

Submissions: 4
Solutions: 0
illiteracy_data illiteracy_solutions

Submissions: 1
Solutions: 1
knockout_data knockout_solutions

Submissions: 16
Solutions: 0
rectangles_data rectangles_solutions
Random Index Vectors

Submissions: 45
Solutions: 6
rivs_data rivs_solutions
Area Rug

Submissions: 43
Solutions: 5
rug_data rug_solutions

Submissions: 101
Solutions: 60
sculpture_data sculpture_solutions
Time Limits

Submissions: 90
Solutions: 66
timelimits_data timelimits_solutions
To Tell the Truth

Submissions: 64
Solutions: 22
truth_data truth_solutions
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